Transform Your Body into a Fat Burning Machine & Unleash Your Hidden Six Pack

The Most Effective and Efficient Strategy to Burn Stubborn Fat and Build Lean Muscle is Here!

What's goin on my friends, it's your boy SAEED!!

Many of you know me through YouTube. You probably know by now that I have a burning PASSION for Health & Fitness.

The gym you see in the background in all my photos isn't a gym. It's my apartment. It's always been my dream to live in a gym, literally.

You probably also know that Personal Development and Inspiring Other People are high up on my priority list in life.

I'm very enthusiastic about these things and would go to the ends of earth to see them through. But what makes me so confident and convicted in my BELIEFS?

Not so long ago, I was practically the complete opposite of the person I am today. I was self-conscious about my body and appearance, and my confidence and self-esteem were lower than you can imagine.

Yes, that was me growing up. I was chubby and awkward looking. I felt extremely self-conscious about my body and my looks.

This caused me low confidence for a significant chunk of my childhood and into my late teens.

I never in my life believed one day I would be a fitness and personal development coach because of my past self-image as a chubby, awkward-looking, low self-esteem kid.

Even after working on my body and appearance, I had to deal with my anxieties, insecurities, and fears.

Working on the body is not enough. You also have to work on your psychology if you want to become a dominating BADASS in life.

I Developed the Self-Belief and Made it My Mission in Life:

To Help People Achieve an Extraordinary Body and Supreme Self-Confidence

You can now see why my CONVICTION and BURNING DESIRE to INSPIRE others to explore their power to change their lives is so strong.

Because I have been there before. I can sympathize with anyone out there who feels unworthy, unattractive, misunderstood, overweight, skinny, weak and anxious.

I'm no stranger to these feelings.

I know very well what it's like to feel as if you are doomed to have low self-confidence and an inadequate body for the rest of your life.

But I have spent years conquering my fears and working on my body and having gone through it all, I KNOW THAT ANYONE CAN DO IT!!!

I have been there, and that's why I do what I do now to INSPIRE people to wake up and take control of their lives.

I know it's possible because I have done it, and I BELIEVE you can do it too.

It's been 10 Years since I started my journey in the Fitness and Personal Development world.

It was a journey full of triumphs and failures, pleasures and pains, joys and despairs, trials and errors.

Today that journey continues, backed by 10 Years of Experience under my belt. I always remind myself that the journey never ends, we must always strive to get better.

I wanted to come up with a system that combines all that experience and pass it on to others to benefit from in as little time as possible.

And so my One-of-a-Kind Program was born.

As I created this systematic, step-by-step program, I had few things on my mind:

1) Help people, regardless of their Body Type or Fitness Level and guide them to transform their body and reach their fitness goals.

2) Help people lose fat and gain muscle AS FAST AS POSSIBLE while still enjoying a balanced and healthy diet that doesn't require extreme measures.

3) Help people implement the program on their own and become their own coach.

4) Expose all the fads and myths circling around in the fitness industry through my usual "no bullshit" approach to diet, training, and life.

With the uttermost confidence and belief, I can say that the program I have developed WILL TRANSFORM the body of anyone who undertakes it.

If you have been struggling with fat loss and you have tried countless of programs and fad diets and still nothing has worked for you ...

If you have been struggling with that last little bit of fat and you feel like you are never going to uncover those six pack abs underneath that bit of fat ...

If you are tired of diets that tell you to cut out carbs and/or fats and starve yourself just so you can shed off few pounds only to gain them back ...

If you want to lose fat and gain muscle AT THE SAME TIME in the most effortless way possible while being permanently shredded and diced to the socks all year round ...

If you want REAL and PERMANENT change to your eating and training habits that will make you the badass you are meant to be ....

If you want to do it all by yourself and get the most complete and comprehensive fat loss strategy out there without having to hire an expensive coach ...

Then you have come to the right place.

Introducing The Shredded Badass Program 

The Most Effective and Efficient Strategy to Burn Stubborn Fat and Build Lean Muscle!

Part 1: Full Diet Program for Fat Loss & Building Lean Muscle (MAIN COMPONENT)

  • Full and Comprehensive Nutrition Program Engineered to Give You the Largest Possible Variety of Healthy Food
  • Nutrition Programs Available for Meat-Eaters, Vegans, and Vegetarians
  • Lose Fat and Gain Muscle AT THE SAME TIME (Backed by Scientific Evidence and Personal Experience)
  • Designed After 10 Years of Trial and Error with All Sorts of Diets (I Personally Use This Nutrition Program and So Do My Clients)
  • Engineered to Give You The FASTEST Possible Weight Loss and Muscle Building Results
  • Nutrition Plans Take into Account Vital Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes for Optimal Health and Vitality
  • Choose Between 7 Different Meal Plans According to Your Current Weight and Goals
  • Overcome Weight Loss Plateaus Thanks to the 7 Meal Plans That Allow You Switch Meal Plans When You Have Reached a Fat Loss Goal and You are Ready for a New One
  • Can be Used By Anyone Regardless of Gender or Age (Men, Women, Adults and Teenagers Can Use the Program)
  • Whether You Are Looking to Shed off Lots of Fat, or You Have Been Stuck With That Last Bit of Fat, This Program Will Do Wonders for You
  • Say Goodbye to Fad and Extreme Diets. This Program is Designed to Provide Nutritional Harmony and Balance. It's Meant to be Implemented as a Lifestyle.
  • Frequently Asked Questions That Will Cover All Your Inquiries Regarding Nutrition
  • Perfectly Designed Progress Sheet that Allows You to Track Your Progress on a Weekly Basis
  • Become Your Own Nutrition Coach

Part 2: Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss and Muscle Building (Backed By Science)

  • Gives You the Option of Incorporating "Intermittent Fasting" Into the Nutrition Program (You Can Still Follow the Program Without Doing Intermittent Fasting)
  • Explains "Intermittent Fasting" Using Scientific Resources and Demonstrates its Useful Role in Speeding Fat Loss in Simple and Easy to Understand Terms
  • Choose Between A Variety of "Intermittent Fasting" Options That Fit Your Own Unique Lifestyle
  • Find Out How You Can Build Lean Muscle Mass and Stay SHREDDED All Year Round Using "Intermittent Fasting"
  • Find Out Everything You Need to Know About "Intermittent Fasting" (All Backed By Scientific Evidence)
  • Frequently Asked Questions That Will Cover All Your Inquiries

Part 3: Incorporating Cardio, HIIT and Weight Lifting for Fat Loss & Building Muscle

  • Full Workout Plan That Shows You Exactly How to Combine all 3 Components into Your Workout Program for Optimal Fat Loss & Muscle Building Results (HIIT, Cardio, Weight Lifting)
  • Learn How You Can Turn Your Body into a Fat Burning Machine Using Cardio, High Intensity Interval Training, and Weight Lifting
  • Learn the Difference Between "Steady State Cardio" and "High Intensity Interval Training" and Their Contribution to Fat Loss
  • Learn How Building Lean Muscle Through Lifting Weights Can Help Your Fat Loss Goals
  • Build Lean Muscle Mass and Lose Fat at the Same Time (Backed By Scientific Evidence)
  • Frequently Asked Questions That Will Cover All Your Inquiries

Part 4: The Truth About Fat Loss (Busting 10 Common Myths)

  • Busting Common Myths Perpetuated By Mainstream Media Regarding Fat Loss
  • Bringing the Facts into Light Using Both Scientific Evidence and Personal Experience
  • Learn the Basics of Fat Loss So You Can Make Informative Decisions in Your Daily Life
  • Reconsider all Your Preconceived Ideas About Fat Loss and Learn to Separate Fact from Myth

Part 5: The Truth About Six Pack Abs (Busting 10 Common Myths)

  • Learn How You Can Get a SHREDDED Six Pack Abs As Fast As Possible and Using As Little Effort As Possible
  • Learn What the Best Exercises Are for Getting RIPPED Six Pack Abs
  • Busting Common Myths Perpetuated By Mainstream Media Regarding Getting Six Pack Abs
  • Bringing the Facts into Light Using Both Scientific Evidence and Personal Experience
  • Discover How Mainstream Fitness Industry Sets Unsustainable Standards for Six Pack Abs Through Manipulation and Marketing

Part 6: Supplement Program (All You Need to Know About Supplements and Which Ones You Really Need)

  • Learn All You Need to Know About Supplements for Fat Loss and Muscle Building
  • Learn About Creatine and Whey Protein and Whether or Not You Need to Use Them to Lose Fat and Build Lean Muscle
  • Discover Which Supplements You REALLY Need for Optimal Performance and Health

Part 7: Mental Training & Habits to Achieve Your Goals Inside and Outside the Gym

  • 10 Powerful Habits to Dominate Life Inside and Outside the Gym and Develop an Invincible Mental Toughness
  • In Depth Written Discussion About Each Mental Habit With Full Instructions For Each Mental Exercise
  • In Depth Video Discussion About Each Mental Habit With Full Instructions For Each Mental Exercise
  • Increase Your Sex Appeal and Attract the Woman of Your Dreams
  • Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, Liberate Yourself and Conquer All Your Fears
  • Integrate Your Mind, Body, and Spirit and Take Your Life to the Next Level
  • Learn About Powerful Techniques to Rapidly Increase Your Self-Confidence and Manifest Your Dreams and Aspirations

Join Countless of People Who Have Been Through the Program and Achieved Astonishing Results

Here are some success stories of HIGHLY MOTIVATED people that have used the program. Their results speak for themselves.

Success Story #1: Kawsara, 22 from USA

"My Life Has Been Turned Around"

Here is what Kawsara had to say about the program (Kawsara was a client of mine and I put him on this exact program)

"Before taking on the program, I was eating a lot of junk food. I only went to the gym once a week. I just couldn't find the motivation to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

I also felt anxiety in my life and I knew that it was affecting my motivation level to get my life together.

After using the program and following it word for word, I was getting massive results inside and outside the gym.

I lost over 35 pounds (16 kg) in 6-months and put on lean muscle and got my six pack to show.

My self-confidence is now sky-high and I feel good about my body, my health, my self-esteem and my social life.

I have so much drive and energy to workout and pursue my dreams in life and inspire others to do the same. I feel that I'm in charge of my mind and body.

Success Story #2: Osama, 21 from Canada

"Finally a Physique Competitor"

Here is what Osama had to say about the program:

"Saeed is my older brother. When I was growing up, he was always into working out and playing sports. He was my inspiration for working out and eating healthy. 

I wanted to compete in a physique competition but I had all this excess weight to lose and I wasn't sure how to lose it while maintaining my muscle mass for the competition.

Also, I didn't have the self-belief to go and be a physique competitor and I needed some motivation and inspiration to believe in myself.

I turned to my brother Saeed and he gave me the believe and motivation to start my journey. 

He put me on his program and through strictly following his meal plan and workout program, I was finally losing the excess weight while maintaining the lean muscle I had built before.

His program also gave me the self-confidence I needed to succeed in pursuing my passion and be myself.

Now, I have my own YouTube Fitness Channel thanks to my brother's belief and guidance. 

Success Story #3: Abbas, 26 from Pakistan

"I'm Finally Where I Want to Be"

Here is what Abbas had to say about the program:

"Before starting the program, I had been going to the gym for a while and I have been putting on muscle mass, but I had this persistent problem with excess fat. I just couldn't lose it no matter how hard I tried.

I wanted to be leaner. I wanted my muscles to be more defined, but I didn't know what to do to lose the excess fat while increasing the muscle mass.

I decided to give this program a shot and through following it and staying committed and disciplined, I was finally able to reach my goals. 

I also feel much more confident and optimistic about life. The habits and character development I gained from the program will stay with me for life."

The Success Stories are Endless ...

Are You Ready to Create Your Own Success Story?

The guys you see above had few things in common:

Dedication, Commitment, Hardwork, Persistence, Self-Belief, and a BURNING DESIRE to improve their bodies and self-confidence.

We all have unique talents, but we are alike in many ways.

Most of us have a mind that works in similar ways, and if you are willing to explore its power, you will do extraordinary things in life.

My mission is to help you get in touch with the genius within you.

The powerful integration of an Extraordinary Body and a Brilliant Mind. This is what this program is all about.

Take Action NOW and Be in Control of Your Own Destiny

We all know what we need to do. The difference is, only those who take action succeed in their lives.

If you have made it this far into the page, you have a burning desire within you to CHANGE, and all that is left if for you to TAKE ACTION

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$88 $66 ONLY $29.00 USD! (Price Will Go Up Soon)

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The World is Yours

"Our Deepest Fear is Not that We are Inadequate, Our Deepest Fear is that We are Powerful Beyond Measure."

Accept My Sincere Regards, Wishing You All the Best